No Limit Air provides an aircraft of any size or range to meet your mission. Whether a piston for your short hop or an airliner to safely transport a large group or company, we always have you covered.

Fixed Wing Pistons & Turbo-Props
These aircraft are an economic alternative to jets for shorter trips. These aircraft offer great short-field performance, which enables more airports to be utilized.
Pax: 1-10
Range: 800-2000 NM

Very Light Jets
VLJs offer great rates in quiet, modern cabins. They are often referred as Entry-Level jets. This type of aircraft is ideal for flights of up to 2 hours with up to 4 passengers.
Pax: 1-4
Range: 800-1500 NM

Light Jets
This category features a wide range of small jets seating five to eight passengers. Range can vary from 2 to 3.5 hours and are quite economical for regional and medium-length flights having an average range of 1500 miles nonstop.
Pax: 5-8
Range: 1000-1800 NM

Midsize Jets
Improved headroom and a separate lavatory define mids. Most aircraft seat eight passengers and have a range of three to five hours. The additional cargo capacity enables a larger amount of luggage to be stowed, especially with multiple skies or golf clubs.
Pax: 6-9
Range: 1700-2700 NM

SuperMidsize Jets
These aircraft offer many benefits of the large jets but at more competitive rates. Full standing headroom, superior luggage capacity and spacious cabins make this a popular choice. Seating varies from 8 to 13 and the range of these aircraft is 5 to 6.5 hours.
Pax: 8-13
Range: 2800-3300 NM

Heavy Jets
These aircraft are known for their large cabins and extended range. They can fly up to 7000 NM and accommodate seating for 8 to 18 passengers. Full standing headroom, full galley and a cabin aid come standard. The cargo hold can accommodate 15 to 20 assorted-sized pieces of luggage.
Pax: 8-18
Range: 3300-7000 NM

Airliners & Regional Jets
Business airliners are typically commercial aircraft which have been outfitted for personal or business use. Most of these aircraft can accommodate anywhere from 28 to 250 passengers, or heavy loads of cargo. These are best suited for medium to long-range flights. Regional Jets can hold up to 30 passengers and are best suited for short to medium range trips.
Range: 1200-7000 NM

These aircraft are known for short distance capabilities. They can fly at speeds up to 200 knots and land in places regular aircraft cant, such as on top of your office building.
Pax: 2-6
Range: 175-350nm

No Limit Aviation, LLC. does not own or operate aircraft on behalf of our clients. All flights are operated by Part 135 Carrriers.
Operators providing service for No Limit Air must meet the highest standards set forth by No Limit Air and by the United States FAA and the EAA.

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